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Hitting SNEC directly, the new product of Tecloman energy storage is on the market!

The 16th International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition (SNEC) was grandly opened on May 24 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As an important event in the global photovoltaic and energy storage industries, SNEC has attracted over 2,800 exhibitors from 95 countries and regions. On this globally influential platform, Chengdu Tecloman Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. demonstrated its professional technical strength and innovative spirit and attracted widespread attention with its brand-new series of energy storage products.

With its rich energy storage system products and multi-scenario energy storage solutions, Tecloman has become one of the important exhibitors in the exhibition. At the exhibition site, the professional team of Tecloman introduced its new generation of PCS products in detail to the visitors. The latest TPCS1725 of Tecloman is the latest high DC voltage and high power integrated energy storage converter, compatible with 1375kW and 1575kW, 1725kW three power specifications, the skid-mounted energy storage converter booster integrated machine composed of two PCS includes 2750kW, 3150kW, 3450kW three power specifications. The PCS adopts ANPC three-level power topology and optical fiber drive technology. The maximum conversion efficiency exceeds 99%. Voltage and other characteristics, embedded with IEC61850 communication protocol, can realize rapid response of grid power dispatching so as to better facilitate the development of new energy with a high penetration rate under the background of double carbon.

At the same time, Tecloman also launched modular energy storage converters TPCS30 and TPCS100, suitable for distributed energy storage. These two PCSs have multi-machine parallel connection, multi-mode operation, grid-connected and off-grid switching, and three-phase power independence in grid-connected mode controlling ability. It can be flexibly applied to scenarios such as industrial and commercial energy storage, solar-storage-charge integrated energy storage, and distribution network-side energy storage. It has the product characteristics of low cost, high efficiency, and high reliability.

In addition to product demonstrations, Tecloman actively participated in the SNEC energy storage forum and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with many experts. The forum’s content extensively covered future market trends in the energy storage industry, cooperative development strategies, and green energy technologies.

With its profound technical background and practical experience, Tecloman has succeeded in diverse projects such as large-scale energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, and microgrid applications. These projects are distributed under different geographical and environmental conditions, including the 300MW photovoltaic composite project in Majiatan, Lingwu, Ningxia, which is in a severe dusty environment.

Relying on innovative technologies such as power electronic control technology, high-protection battery safety management technology, professional integrated integration technology, and EPC delivery capabilities, Tecloman promotes the innovative development of energy storage technology and applications and is committed to providing global users with more efficient, sustainable energy storage system solutions, while aiming at innovation-driven and reliable value, to achieve greater breakthroughs and contributions in the field of green and low-carbon energy.

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