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C&I BESS Solution

For industrial and commercial scenarios, energy storage helps reduce capacity electricity charges and demand charges by peak shaving and valley filling, realize speak and valley arbitrage, shifts peak electricity usage, enhances user investment returns, relieves grid pressure, and ensures load power supply reliability using its backup power function.
Application Scenarios

As commercial complex load capacity grows and load peak-valley differences widen, the need for the power quality grows. Concurrently, the surge in new energy vehicle charging demand has led to a multiple-fold rise in peak power capacity requirements.

Technology and Innovation

Unyielding Focus On Production and Research For Constantly Evolving

Power Electronics Control Technology

Power Electronics Control Technology

Offer high stability, reliable performance, and support for multiple scenarios. Millisecond-level technology for swift on-grid/off-grid switching

High-protection Battery Safety Management Technology

High-protection Battery Safety Management Technology

Early detection, accurate positioning, swift handling;4-level Battery Management System (BMS) technology;Multi-dimensional fire detection technology;Multi-level fire protection technology

Expertise in Integrated Technology

Expertise in Integrated Technology

High-level protection, backed by authoritative certification. Capabilities in high-altitude and extreme cold protection technology. Precise temperature control technology. Certified by JTU Rail Certification Center (JRCC)

EPC Delivery Capability

EPC Delivery Capability

Excellent professional qualifications; Wide business distribution; Diversed benchmark projects

Focus on technological innovation fuels industry growth, aids the energy revolution,and brings us closer to a Zero-carbon Earth.

Farm Project

Operation Mode:Self-use,surplus power is fed back to the grid,emergency support.

State Grid Three-in-One

Operation Mode:Peak shaving, valley filling

State Grid Mobile Silent Vehicle

Operation Mode:Emergency backup;frequency regulation;peak shaving

Provides targeted products for various solutions

Empowering The Global Energy Transition

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