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Tecloman to unveil its latest products at Intersolar Europe 2022

Tecloman is getting ready to unveil its latest high-voltage residential battery energy storage system (BESS) at Intersolar Europe 2022, the world’s largest exhibition of solar energy, in Munich, Germany, from May 11-13. The exhibition is expected to attract 1,450 companies and more than 50,000 visitors.

Founded in 2017, Tecloman is an emerging global leader in providing a one-stop energy storage solution to a range of customers. Tecloman manufactures its own battery cell, which, coupled with its extensive expertise in vertically integrated energy storage, makes the company uniquely positioned to address the complex demand in today’s market. With the record-breaking electricity prices across Europe, Tecloman aims to deploy targeted strategies to provide safe, flexible, and the most cost-effective energy storage solutions to local residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

At the exhibition, Tecloman will showcase Firefly Pro, their latest innovation in high-voltage residential BESS. Elegant looking and powered by the most cutting-edge battery technology, Firefly Pro is designed for residential homes with high electricity consumption, including those with a three-phase power system. The use of high-voltage batteries increases charging and discharging efficiencies, whilst greatly enhances safety by eliminating the risk of battery overheating and short circuiting. Its fast charging feature allows households to power large appliances while avoiding the hefty bill. Firefly Pro is fully compatible with all mainstream inverters and has an energy capacity (single system) from 7.68kWh to 20.48kWh.

Attendees of Intersolar Europe 2022 will also have an opportunity to experience Tecloman’s Firefly, their best-selling low-voltage residential BESS that is fully customizable and scalable up to 25.2 kWh. Tecloman will also promote two of their popular products: industrial and commercial BESS, and the electric vehicle charging pile (yet to be released outside China). The industrial and commercial BESS meets C&I customers’ power output requirements and integrates a hybrid power conversion system for solar and battery conversion.

“Innovation is at the heart of our company’s ethos. We possess about 100 patents and strive to become a leader in the field of energy storage. We offer socially responsible, worry-free products to our customers to fully meet their needs and contribute to protecting the environment.” says Alexandra Hu, the company’s global sales & marketing director, “We are actively seeking collaboration opportunities with companies in line with our values. We cannot wait to connect with industry professionals at Intersolar Europe 2022 so we can learn and take home the knowledge to apply to our current services.”

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