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Tecloman won the “Best Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Solution Award”

On May 24, 2023, the 13th China International Energy Storage Conference was held at the InterContinental Hotel in Hangzhou. Industry elites from government agencies, scientific research institutes, power grid companies, power generation groups, and energy storage companies have participated in this event. With the theme of promoting the construction of a new energy system and promoting the high-quality development of the energy storage industry, the conference was divided into 18 sub-sessions. It launched several rounds of discussions on the energy storage industry’s opportunities and challenges.

As an important exhibitor of this grand event, Tecloman won the “Best Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Solution Award” for its outstanding strength and innovation ability. This honor is not only a recognition of the business development of Tecloman in the past year. The affirmation also recognizes its important position in the energy storage industry.

During the conference, Tecloman displayed a new generation of PCS products. Among them, the latest TPCS1725 energy storage converter has been highly appraised in terms of technical performance. This product has the characteristics of high DC voltage and high power integration, adopts ANPC three-level power topology and optical fiber drive technology, and the highest conversion efficiency exceeds 99%. Known for its high efficiency, high power density, and high reliability, TPCS1725 can not only provide high-quality power but also effectively support the stable operation of the power grid.

Tecloman has also launched modular energy storage converters TPCS30 and TPCS100 to meet the application requirements of distributed energy storage. These two products have the ability of multi-machine parallel connection, multi-mode operation, grid-connected and off-grid switching, and three-phase power independent control in grid-connected mode. They can be flexibly applied to industrial and commercial energy storage, integrated optical storage, charging energy storage, distribution network side storage, and other scenes.

The technical strength of Tecloman has been widely recognized in the energy storage industry. It has made achievements in diverse projects such as large-scale energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, and microgrid applications. Tecloman can still maintain stable operation. In the heavy sand and dust environment of the Majiatan 300MW photovoltaic composite project in Lingwu, Ningxia, the Tecloman system also demonstrated extremely high stability and reliability.

Through innovative technologies such as power electronic control technology, high-protection battery safety management technology, and professional integrated integration technology and EPC delivery capabilities, Tecloman has laid a foundation for the innovative development of energy storage technology and applications. The technical strength and excellent project practice of Tecloman have proved the high efficiency of the application of the solution in the energy storage industry and also contributed to the honor of being awarded the “Best Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Solution Supplier” at the China International Energy Storage Conference.

The participation and award of Tecloman not only reflect the company’s important position and innovation ability in the energy storage industry but also further enhances its reputation in China’s energy storage field. Tecloman will continue to adhere to technological innovation and value creation and make greater contributions to promoting the upgrading of China’s energy industry and green and low-carbon development.

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