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Tecloman won the CIES2022 Best Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Solution Award!

On September 7-9, 2022, the 12th China International Energy Storage Conference (CIES2022) was grandly held at the InterContinental Hotel in Hangzhou. With the theme of “co-creating new value of energy storage and building a new market pattern”, this conference focuses on the safe and sustainable development of new energy storage, based on the development trend of internationalization and industrialization, and focuses on the latest business models and technological innovations in the industry.

On the evening of the 7th, Tecloman was invited to participate in the “2022 China Energy Storage Industry’s Most Influential Series Awards Ceremony” and won the “Best Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Solution Award”!

Tecloman is industrial and commercial energy storage solutions using advanced lithium-ion batteries (high energy density, large charge, and discharge rate, wide temperature range, long cycle life), high-efficiency power converter (PCS), smart energy management system (EMS) as the core component. The load is monitored in real-time through high-precision sensors, and the integrated strategy control algorithm for real-time power compensation and optimal energy-saving power consumption is adopted to realize the seamless integration of industrial and commercial energy storage systems with the original power distribution system.

The solution supports user-defined power consumption strategies to meet flexible and changeable power consumption and energy-saving needs, realize intelligent optimization of power consumption, optimize power distribution capacity, reduce capacity fees and electricity expenses, reduce kWh electricity costs for peak power usage in valleys, factor compensation saves power consumption adjustment fees, harmonic control improves power quality, and effectively improves power efficiency and power quality. And it can provide emergency backup power when the power grid is overhauled to enhance the reliability of power consumption. The system is highly integrated and occupies a small area; it adopts a modular design and expands the boundary; the whole system has real-time functional monitoring, which is safe, reliable and unattended.

At the same time, Tecloman not only realizes the application of industrial and commercial energy storage projects in many places in China but also accelerates global strategic deployment. It has been widely used in European and American industrial and commercial optical storage and charging integration projects and African mine medium-voltage energy storage switching systems. The target market has widely recognized the application, and the R&D and innovation strength of Tecloman has also been affirmed. With products and solutions that can meet the diverse conditions of different markets worldwide, Tecloman has always been in a leading position in the extremely complex and expanding energy storage market.

Industrial and commercial 30kW-100kW/100kWh distributed energy storage all-in-one machine
Industrial and commercial 30kW-100kW/100kWh distributed energy storage all-in-one machine
Optical storage integrated machine
Optical storage integrated machine (left: indoor type, right: outdoor type)
Medium Voltage Energy Storage Switching System
Medium Voltage Energy Storage Switching System

Tecloman has focused on the field of energy storage since its inception. With its strong R&D strength, it has completed the development and product application of the entire industry chain of batteries, modules, BMS, PCS, EMS and cloud platforms. The solutions cover large-scale Scenarios such as energy storage, grid side, industrial and commercial, micro-grid, residential, emergency backup, data center, virtual power plant, etc., flexibly meeting different customers’ differentiated needs.

Winning the “Best Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Solution Award” this time is a full recognition of the technology research and development capabilities, market operation capabilities, and industry competitiveness of Tecloman. Tecloman will take this as an opportunity to persevere in the pursuit of technology, Innovate, continue to explore and move forward in the field of energy storage, continue to optimize the business model and contribute to the realization of green and high-quality development of the energy storage industry.

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