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Tecloman Won the SNEC “Excellence Award for Energy Storage Application.”

On May 24, the 16th International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition (SNEC) was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition attracted more than 2,800 companies from 95 countries and regions around the world to participate in the exhibition and gathered top companies, experts, and scholars in the photovoltaic industry. As the world’s largest and most professional photovoltaic and energy storage event, to make the latest and most cutting-edge technologies and products stand out in the exhibition, experts from the SNEC organizing committee will discuss “advanced,” “original,” “social” and “professional fields.” Considering the four major factors, SNEC’s “Top Ten Highlights” were selected. Today, the “Top Ten Highlights” selection activity has become an important part of the SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition, attracting much attention. Tecloman was invited to attend SNEC’s “Top Ten Highlights” event and won the “Excellence Award for Energy Storage Applications.”

Tecloman was invited to participate in the SNEC “Top Ten Highlights” speech at this exhibition. Liu Tao, vice president of Tecloman Energy Storage Research Institute, attended the scene and demonstrated emergency mobile energy storage solutions, including vehicle-mounted energy storage power supplies; products such as traction emergency power supplies, energy storage power vehicles, and container emergency power supplies can be widely used in construction electricity, electric vehicle rescue and uninterrupted power supply and other fields. It further demonstrates the technical strength and market foresight of Tecloman and encourages Tecloman to continue innovating.

At the SNEC “Top Ten Highlights” award ceremony held on May 26, Tecloman Energy Storage won the recognition of the SENC Organizing Committee and the industry for its solutions in various scenarios, as well as the excellent performance and reliability of its energy storage products and won the ” Energy Storage Application Excellence Award”, fully affirmed the contribution and achievements of Tecloman in the field of energy storage.

Tecloman is committed to fully integrating energy storage technology with scene applications, continuously implementing technological innovation and product solution optimization, and leading or providing leading energy storage system solutions for multiple segments. Self-developed full-matrix products cover the power generation, grid, and user sides. The system solutions meet large-scale energy storage, distribution network side energy storage, micro-grid energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, residential energy storage, and data center power storage. Emergency power storage and other different application scenarios. Among them, residential optical storage solutions, new generation data center power supply solutions, mine, and petroleum system solutions, mobile energy storage power vehicle solutions, distribution network platform area management solutions, and DC micro-grid solutions have reached the domestic leading level.

Tecloman Energy Storage will continue to increase investment in research and development and continuously promote the innovation of energy storage technology and the expansion of application scenarios. Provide users with high-quality, high-efficiency energy storage system solutions. By continually improving the performance and reliability of the energy storage system, it will continue to help the green and low-carbon transformation of the energy industry.

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