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Tecloman won the top 20 energy storage in China in 2023!

On May 22, the “2023 Wind and Solar Hydrogen Storage Charging Innovation and Brand Ceremony and Global Photovoltaic/China Top 20 Energy Storage Ranking Conference” was held in Shanghai to commend the outstanding commercial achievements, management achievements, excellent products, and leading technologies of China’s photovoltaic industry and power station fields in the previous year, demonstrate the strong strength of industry development and set an example for the industry. Relying on its strength and innovation ability, Tecloman Energy Storage has won two honors, “2023 China’s Top 20 Energy Storage System Enterprises” and “New Brand of China’s Energy Storage Enterprises.”

On the day of the award ceremony, Lei Dingpeng, vice president of Tecloman Energy Storage Research Institute, was invited to participate in a keynote speech with the theme of “igniting the development of industrial and commercial energy storage with distributed energy storage systems.” Focusing on pain points such as “difference between peaks and valleys, unsatisfactory periods,” sharing and utilizing distributed energy storage systems can not only realize the benefits brought by direct charging and discharging but also use multiple added values such as backup power, power preservation, voltage regulation, and emergency power supply to enhance their own value, expand their own benefits and other advantages. Combined with Tecloman’s global products and projects, he explained the application of distributed energy storage systems in industrial and commercial energy storage scenarios; the consumption of new energy; the establishment of micro-light storage and charging systems; power supply areas; construction of virtual power plants and other application expansion.

As an energy storage system supplier, Tecloman has won praise from users for its high-quality products and excellent services. More than 100 industrial and commercial energy storage projects of Tecloman have covered Europe, Asia, Africa and other regions, and have established a complete project landing system and after-sales service worldwide. At the same time, Tecloman plans to establish a PACK module and system integration line in Casablanca to expand production capacity further and provide efficient services and safe energy storage products to global users. It is estimated that the newly installed capacity of global energy storage is expected to reach 34.9GW/77.9GWh in 2023. The overall demand for installed capacity is strong, which brings huge market opportunities for Tecloman and the entire industry.

In the future, Tecloman will continue to strengthen R&D and innovation, improve product technology, continuously expand market share, make greater contributions to promoting China’s energy transformation, and realize a green and low-carbon future.

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