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The 10MW/20MWh energy storage project of Tecloman Energy Storage, “Central New Energy Lingwu Huanju 100MW Photovoltaic and Supporting” was successfully connected to the grid

On December 31, 2022, the 10MW/20MWh energy storage project “Central New Energy Lingwu Huanju 100MW Photovoltaic and Supporting” 10MW/20MWh energy storage project participated in the construction by Tecloman was successfully connected to the grid, achieving the set goal.

Among them, Tecloman provides a 10MW/20MWh energy storage system for the project, including three sets of 6.7MWh lithium battery container system integration, as well as technical guidance, personnel training and other services. The system adopts a liquid cooling scheme, which can realize precise temperature management of each battery cell so that the temperature difference of the battery core is less than 3°. Compared with the traditional air-cooled energy storage system, it will save more than 40% of the floor area and is more suitable for large-scale and long-term energy storage scenarios.

The total investment of the 300MW photovoltaic composite project in Majiatan, Lingwu, Central Ring is about 1.2 billion yuan. It is one of the top 100 key construction projects in the Ningxia Autonomous Region in 2022.

The project has been officially under construction since November 1. The multi-departmental and professional coordination and linkage of the Tecloman R&D Center and the Manufacturing Center have provided a favorable guarantee for the successful completion of the project. The on-site implementation personnel actively offered comprehensive services to help customers and the general contractor to complete various installation and commissioning work; during this period, it overcame many difficulties, including extreme weather such as epidemic closure and control, severe cold and dust, and achieved the goal of grid connection in 61 days.

After the completion of the project, it will be used for various services such as power grid peak regulation, black start, and demand response in the region so as to realize power grid peak shaving and valley filling, relieve peak power supply pressure, and promote new energy consumption. It not only helps to increase the proportion of renewable energy in the region and further optimizes the power structure of the system but also has important demonstration significance for exploring large-scale energy storage power stations as independent entities to participate in the operation of the electricity market.

Tommy continues to deepen the energy storage market at home and abroad and continues to set industry benchmarks with technological innovation. With the further improvement of Tecloman’s energy storage product matrix, it is bound to accelerate the growth of the energy storage industry and the development of renewable energy and help global energy to become low-carbon, Intelligent, and diversified transformation and upgrading.

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