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Win with skills! The new product of the Tecloman mobile energy storage power supply vehicle has been released!

On April 27, Tecloman mobile energy storage power vehicle was officially released. A number of innovative technologies have built core competitiveness, and the company’s strength has once again improved.

The mobile energy storage power vehicle released this time is divided into two models: TCSS-250-500 and TCSS-500-1000. The core power is the self-produced lithium iron phosphate battery unit, equipped with a safe and reliable BMS (battery management system), EMS (Energy Management System), battery capacity up to 1000 kWh, and rated power up to 500 kW. It can replace the previous diesel generator vehicles and UPS power supply vehicles, participate in the power grid non-stop operation, realize the uninterrupted power supply to the load during the operation process, and solve the power consumption problem more conveniently and efficiently.

The product uses the automobile chassis as the carrier, with a fully modular design and clear functional compartments. The system is equipped with a battery system, PCS, ATS switching cabinet, photovoltaic start-up system, temperature control system, fire protection system, energy management system, automatic take-up and release system, etc., forming a number of intellectual property rights.

Compared with diesel power vehicles, mobile energy storage power vehicles have multiple advantages such as environmental protection and quietness, fast millisecond-level response, excellent power quality, and seamless switching between on-grid and off-grid, and can be applied to an emergency power supply of urban power grids; emergency power protection; temporary capacity increase in shortage; temporary supply of refined electricity; grid interaction and other scenarios.

The release of the Tecloman mobile energy storage power vehicle has further improved the Tecloman product matrix. The company’s current main products include centralized energy storage systems, industrial and commercial energy storage, mobile power vehicles, off-grid power grids, energy storage devices for distribution network terminal voltage management, overseas home storage equipment, micro-grid energy storage and other products, which are widely used in new energy power stations, distribution network areas, commercial centers, homes, communication base stations, banking systems, industrial enterprises, data centers, military, hospitals, distributed energy, micro-grid systems and other fields.

With more than 30 years of accumulated technology and experience, Tecloman has gathered sand into a tower and melted it into one furnace. In terms of technical team, the scale has reached 160 people, and their majors cover electrochemistry, materials, power electronics, mechanical design, thermal design and other disciplines. In addition to building a domestic first-class technology research and development center, the company has a world-class verification and testing team, has nearly 20 laboratories for batteries, electronics, environment, and electromagnetic interference, and has accumulated nearly 100 patented technologies.

Winning with technology, stable and reliable. Tecloman perseveres in the pursuit of technological innovation, continues to explore and move forward in the field of energy storage, and is committed to leading a more creating a more low-carbon and green new life with fewer carbon footprint and for human beings with leading system solutions.

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