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Exhibition Direct | Tecloman makes a strong appearance at Intersolar Middle East 2023!

From March 7th to 9th, Intersolar Middle East 2023 was successfully held at Dubai World Trade Center (Dubai World Trade Center). As an important witness and practitioner of global energy transformation, Tecloman presented various products in Dubai during the exhibition, sharing years of project practical experience and technological innovation.

Residential storage, light up the Middle East

At the exhibition site, the home energy storage system of Tecloman attracted many customers to visit. In response to the global energy crisis, the new generation of residential energy storage solutions exhibited by Tecloman has been recognized by the market for its high efficiency, stability, and convenient operation and maintenance.

Tecloman exhibited a split-type low-voltage home energy storage battery system (FIREFLY BATTERY SYSTEM), which is composed of a BMS control base independently developed by the company and a lithium iron phosphate battery module connected in parallel. The power range of the stand-alone system is 3.6kWh~14.4 kWh, which can effectively save residential electricity expenses and provide a continuous electricity guarantee after grid failure.

Star product debut

In addition to home storage products, SOLGLOW ESS and FIREFLY HYBRID INVERTER also appeared in this exhibition.

Sugon Power can provide basic lighting services for ten years in power-deficient areas. It is easy to operate, maintenance-free, portable, ready to use and has a wide range of application scenarios. The residential solar-storage integrated machine has an intelligent energy management system, which can be combined with the FIREFLY residential split battery system and photovoltaic modules to form a complete residential solar-storage system, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of photovoltaics, reduce electricity costs, and improve electricity quality.

Based on years of intensive cultivation, Tecloman has established a complete project implementation system worldwide, and the projects have covered Europe, Asia, Africa, and other regions. In 2023, Tecloman will accelerate its overseas deployment and bring several star products to more than ten energy storage exhibitions at home and abroad, fully demonstrating the company’s latest research and development achievements in various energy storage application scenarios.

The company firmly believes energy storage is the key to achieving carbon neutrality in the current global energy transition. Tecloman will continue to focus on technological innovation, promote industrial progress, provide efficient and reliable products and services to international customers, and provide a steady stream of power for building a “zero-carbon earth”.

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