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In the direct hit of the exhibition, Tecloman debuted at The Smarter Europe!

On May 11, The Smarter Europe (European Smart Energy Expo 2022) was grandly opened at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich. Among them, EES Europe (International Battery Energy Storage and Smart Energy Expo) is the largest and most international battery and energy storage system exhibition in Europe.

As a pioneer in the battery energy storage and smart energy industries in China and even the world, Tecloman presented a number of important products at EES Europe, fully demonstrating its comprehensive layout in product research and development, core technologies, solutions, etc. The future development route provides a broader idea.

New product launch, debut in Europe

Tecloman exhibited the latest high-voltage residential energy storage devices Firefly Pro, which is the debut of Firefly Pro at the top international exhibitions. This product adopts lithium iron phosphate battery technology, which has high charging and discharging efficiency. Its advanced energy storage technology can supply power for large residential appliances, effectively avoiding high electricity bills. Firefly Pro is compatible with all mainstream inverters, and its energy capacity (single system) ranges from 7.68kWh to 20.48kWh. It is specially designed for residential buildings with high power consumption, such as three-phase grids, and can bring customers a better energy storage experience.

In addition to home storage products, the distributed energy storage all-in-one machine also debuted at an international exhibition. The product adopts a modular PCS design (30kW-150kW power range combination) and modular battery system design (100-300kWh arbitrary combination), which has the characteristics of integration and high protection and is equipped with intelligent temperature control system design, professional cloud platform monitoring, which is suitable for various application scenarios such as industrial and commercial energy storage applications, emergency power backup and power protection applications, and photovoltaic power generation.

At the exhibition site, Tecloman also brought various products, such as low-voltage residential energy storage products, mobile energy storage power vehicles, and electric vehicle charging piles. Different products match different application scenarios. With excellent product quality and high-quality energy storage solutions, Tecloman won the favor of on-site visitors and attracted many exhibitors to visit and consult.

Brand upgrading, fulfilling duties

Taking this Smart Energy Expo as an opportunity, Tecloman launched a new brand Logo and visual image system and released the latest corporate image film. The upgraded corporate logo adopts the internationally accepted English wordmark design, in which the letter E evolved from the power switch logo, implying the start of a better life. The logo retains the eye-catching gradient color logo, symbolizing the inheritance of the way of nature with the power of fireflies. The new logo reflects that Tecloman not only pursues product quality but also pursues the connection with customers and the times on the basis of consolidating products. Under the guidance of the new brand connotation, Tecloman will continue to move towards intelligent, comprehensive storage transformation and upgrade energy solution service providers to maximize value creation for customers and the industry.

At the same time, during the Munich exhibition, in order to meet the vision of the green and energy-saving industry, Tecloman launched a public welfare activity to build an ecological forest jointly. Exhibitors can participate in the on-site interaction at the Tecloman booth area, and they can jointly build a “Tecloman with Friends” public welfare ecological forest in the Alxa area, take practical actions to help Alxa desertification prevention and control work, contribute more green power to the “negative carbon earth.”

“Innovation is the core of our company spirit. As an industry-leading supplier of energy storage solutions, Tecloman has accumulated more than 30 years of technology and experience, and has nearly 100 patents. The technology provides global customers with more efficient, high-quality and cost-effective energy storage products.” Hu Xiaomao, Global Sales and Marketing Director of Tecloman, said, “Over the years, Tecloman has been deeply involved in the domestic market and actively expanded the international energy storage market. Europe, Australia, the United States and other regions have layouts, and have established an efficient and complete overseas sales and after-sales service team to provide global customers with smart energy storage solutions. At the same time, we also hope to use this exhibition to connect with our partners of the industry, we will discuss the new future of energy storage, meet the new opportunities of energy transformation in the future, and create a low-carbon and clean new life for mankind with safe and high-quality products.”

Green energy storage, smart future.

Tecloman will persevere in the pursuit of technological innovation, continue to explore and move forward in the field of energy storage, and contribute to the global clean energy construction.

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