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Tecloman debuted at KEY ENERGY 2023, and energy storage system solutions attracted attention

On March 22, Key Energy 2023, the largest exhibition in Italy’s new energy industry, was grandly opened. The exhibition focuses on photovoltaic and electric energy storage and is committed to providing energy storage solutions for industries and residences. At the exhibition, Tecloman presented energy storage products and system solutions for energy storage application scenarios.

As a global energy storage system overall solution provider, Tecloman will focus on strengthening the international market construction from 2022. Because of its huge market development potential, Italy has become an important part of the company’s global layout in Europe.

At this exhibition, Tecloman exhibited various products, including industrial and commercial energy storage system solutions, large-scale energy storage system solutions, and residential energy storage solutions. Combined with the characteristics of the Italian region, we strive to provide local customers with energy storage system solutions for scenarios such as solar power storage for self-use, backup power, and electric car charging pile power supply. The scene attracted many customers from home and abroad, and the staff of Tecloman even communicated with local companies to explore new opportunities in the Italian energy storage market.

Over the years, driven by the concept of scientific and technological innovation, Tecloman has integrated R&D, manufacturing, and operation services to create a professional energy storage integrated system for application scenarios such as power generation side, grid side, and user side to improve the utilization rate of new energy and grid stability.

With the goal of carbon neutrality, the global renewable energy market is expanding. During the exhibition, Tecloman has friendly consultations with many Chinese energy storage companies and looks forward to further jointly developing the world map of the renewable energy industry. In the future, the company will continue to work with high-quality partners in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain through win-win cooperation and resource integration to build a global sustainable new energy industry ecosystem jointly.

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