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Tecloman Shines at EES Europe 2023!

On June 14, The Smarter Europe was grandly opened at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich. EES Europe is the largest and grandest battery and energy storage system exhibition in Europe.

As a pioneer in the battery energy storage and smart energy industries, Tecloman launches 3-4 new products every year. Compared with last year, new industrial and commercial solar energy storage systems (C&I PV+Battery Energy Storage System) and Track Liquid-cooled battery system (Track Outdoor Liquid-cooled Battery Cabinet) were launched at EES Europe this year. Fully demonstrate the overall layout in product research and development, core technology, solutions, etc.

With its rich energy storage system products and multi-scenario energy storage solutions, Tecloman has become one of the important exhibitors at the exhibition. Tecloman displayed its self-developed full-matrix products on the spot, covering the power generation, grid, and user sides. Attracted the favor of customers from Israel, the United States, Italy, Finland, and other countries and reached more than 10 intentional projects on the spot.

TRACK liquid-cooled battery system adopts the concept of module design. The system is composed of a lithium iron phosphate battery module, BMS, liquid-cooled air conditioner, fire protection system, etc. The efficient liquid-cooled battery module and heat dissipation design bring ultra-high energy density. At the same time, the temperature difference is < 3°C, the integrated cabinet design is more flexible than the container type, and the transportation and on-site assembly work is greatly simplified. PCS can be connected individually or used in parallel. It is widely used in various energy storage scenarios such as new energy consumption, peak shaving, valley filling, emergency backup, dynamic capacity expansion, etc.

As an energy storage system supplier, Tecloman has won praise from users for its high-quality energy storage products and excellent services. It has over 100 industrial and commercial energy storage projects covering Europe, Asia, Africa, and other regions. At the same time, in the first half of the year, Tecloman Energy Storage successively won the bids for large-scale energy storage projects exceeding 1GWh in China. Establish a complete global project landing system and after-sales service. Continue to provide efficient services and safe energy storage products to global users.

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