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Empowering Commercial Enterprises with Tecloman’s PV System with Battery Storage

Is your commercial facility adequately prepared for potential major storms and power outages? Unfortunately, many commercial buildings nationwide lack sufficient backup power systems to cope with such emergencies. A notable example occurred in 2003 when approximately half of New York City’s 58 hospitals faced power shortages despite having backup generators. Surveys reveal that there is often a disparity between what commercial facilities currently possess, what they desire, and what is necessary to maintain power during severe weather events or blackouts. Given the unpredictable nature of power disruptions, it’s imperative for commercial establishments to establish a comprehensive PV system with battery storage[1]

Rising Threat of Power Outages for Businesses

Frequent power outages are becoming a growing concern for American businesses, driven by an increase in extreme weather events like hurricanes, heatwaves, and wildfires. In 2020, there were 1.33 billion outage hours, a 73% surge from 2019, as reported by PowerOutage.US, which tracks utility blackout data. These unexpected outages are taking a hefty financial toll, with over 60% of incidents resulting in losses exceeding $100,000, a significant jump from 2019’s 39%, according to the Uptime Institute’s 2022 analysis. To mitigate these risks, more organizations are turning to backup generators to ensure seamless operations during power disruptions. [2]

Tecloman’s C&I PV + Battery Energy Storage System

Tecloman‘s commercial PV energy storage and power generation system are engineered to address the evolving energy needs of commercial enterprises. This system seamlessly integrates PV and energy storage technologies, optimizing the utilization of solar energy and reducing wastage. By prioritizing “self-use first,” it minimizes curtailment of PV energy and facilitates direct PV grid-connection.

One of the remarkable features of this system is its adaptability to various installation environments, be it indoor or outdoor. This flexibility ensures that it can meet the specific requirements of different applications, providing tailored solutions for diverse commercial scenarios.

Enhancing Commercial Energy Management

In the commercial sector, managing energy efficiently is paramount. Tecloman’s commercial PV system with battery storage offers a holistic approach. It not only reduces capacity electricity charges and demand charges through peak shaving and valley filling but also enables peak electricity usage shifts. This translates to enhanced returns on investment, alleviated grid pressure, and uninterrupted power supply, courtesy of its backup power function.

As commercial complexes experience increasing load capacities and peak-valley differences, ensuring power quality becomes imperative. Moreover, the surging demand for new energy vehicle charging further emphasizes the need for expanded peak power capacity. Tecloman’s solution is designed to address these challenges, providing reliability and efficiency in commercial energy management.


In conclusion, Tecloman’s PV System with Battery Storage presents a compelling solution to the pressing challenges faced by commercial enterprises in the wake of rising power outage threats. It not only ensures business continuity but also enhances energy efficiency and sustainability, positioning Tecloman as a leader in empowering commercial establishments with cutting-edge energy solutions.




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