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Tecloman Revolutionizes Energy Storage at PVS ASEAN Conference & Expo 2023

Banten, Indonesia – As the Photovoltaic ASEAN Conference & Expo 2023 concludes in Indonesia, Tecloman has left an indelible mark on the event, showcasing its groundbreaking energy storage solutions designed to transform the future of energy consumption and utility-scale power generation. The event, organized by Follow Me International Exhibition PTE Limited and Clarion Events PTE Limited, has proven to be a crucial step toward Indonesia’s transition to cleaner, renewable energy sources. Tecloman’s innovative products are set to play a pivotal role in this transformation, empowering governments and energy sectors in their quest for reliable and sustainable power generation.

The Need for Energy Storage in New Energy Power Stations

Energy storage has emerged as a critical component in the realm of new energy power stations. It serves two primary purposes: time-shifting and quick response to stabilize fluctuating power outputs, and accommodating the absorption of new energy. These functions are essential for ensuring system stability and safety while enhancing the utilization rate of new energy generation. Furthermore, energy storage solutions effectively address the pressing issue of wind and solar energy wastage.

Introducing Tecloman‘s 250 kW Power Conversion System

At the PVS ASEAN Conference & Expo 2023, Tecloman unveiled its revolutionary energy storage solution – the Tecloman 250 kW Power Conversion System. This utility-scale battery system is designed to meet the ever-growing demands of new energy power stations. With a built-in isolation transformer, it directly connects with three-phase 100% unbalanced loads. This system supports multi-machine parallel connection, catering to diverse power levels. It offers adaptability through frequency, voltage, and inertia support, making it versatile for dynamic energy needs. Operating in a wide temperature range from -25°C to 55°C, it excels even in extreme environments, including high humidity and salt spray. With multiple control modes and an integrated Energy Management System (EMS), it ensures intelligent energy management and optimal utilization.

Seamless Integration: The Pre-fabricated Energy Storage System

Our Pre-fabricated Energy Storage System is a groundbreaking solution that offers unbeatable convenience and efficiency. Housed within a 20/40ft container, this energy storage system meets the demands of megawatt-level power output. It integrates an energy storage system, battery management system, DC cabinet, temperature control system, and fire protection system. This versatile system can be paired with a power conversion system, making it suitable for a variety of energy storage applications. Whether it’s for new energy consumption, peak-load balancing, emergency backup power, or dynamic capacity enhancement, this system stands ready to perform.

A Brighter and Sustainable Tomorrow

The PVS ASEAN Conference & Expo 2023 has marked a significant step forward in Indonesia’s energy transition. With the photovoltaic market expected to grow significantly in the next five to 15 years, the role of energy storage solutions has become more critical than ever. Tecloman’s commitment to innovation and sustainability aligns perfectly with the event’s goals, and our pre-fabricated energy storage system is set to be a game-changer for governments and power stations aiming for a brighter and more sustainable future.

In conclusion, Tecloman’s participation in the PVS ASEAN Conference & Expo 2023 signifies a powerful leap toward Indonesia’s energy efficiency and sustainability. Our cutting-edge utility scale batteries are poised to play a significant role in supporting governments and the energy sector as they navigate the path to a cleaner, more reliable energy landscape.

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