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Tecloman has won multiple UL certifications

Recently, SGS, an internationally recognized testing, inspection, and certification organization, has issued a number of UL certificates to Chengdu Tecloman Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tecloman”).

As an internationally recognized third-party testing and certification organization, SGS is the global benchmark for quality and integrity. The issuance of the UL certificate for Tecloman further verifies the safety and reliability of Tecloman products, which means that Tecloman’s safety and reliability meet the highest international standards.

The cooperation between Tecloman and SGS began in August 2022. During the period, the Tecloman high-voltage home battery storage system was tested according to ANSI/CAN/UL 1973, 3.0 Edition, FCC Part15C, FCC Part15B, Annex H of UL 60730-1, UL9540A and other standards, BMS and Track liquid-cooled battery system have undergone strict tests, and finally, the high-voltage home storage has obtained UL1973, FCC ID, FCC SDOC certification, BMS has obtained UL60730-1 certification, and Track liquid-cooled battery system has obtained UL9540A certification.

– High-voltage home storage has obtained multiple certifications such as UL1973 –

As the continuation and expansion of the Tecloman Firefly series battery system, the Tecloman Firefly Pro home battery storage system (split high voltage) adopts a split module stacking design, consisting of 1 BMS control box and 3 to 8 lithium iron phosphate battery modules A high-voltage battery system is formed in series. The power range of the single-unit system is 7.5kWh~20kWh, and it is equipped with a newly developed daisy-chain BMS, which is fully compatible with mainstream inverters and high-voltage residential inverters. The battery can be used more efficiently to store photovoltaic power generation and power supply for residential loads during non-photovoltaic periods, saving residential electricity bills and providing continuous electricity guarantee after grid failure.

– Liquid-cooled battery system passed UL9540A certification –

The Track liquid-cooled battery system adopts a modular design idea, and the efficient liquid-cooled battery module and heat dissipation design bring ultra-high energy density. Compared with containerized systems, Track is more flexible, which greatly simplifies transportation and on-site assembly. The system comprises a lithium iron phosphate battery module, BMS, liquid-cooled air conditioner, fire protection system, etc. It can be applied to industrial and commercial energy storage scenarios and large-scale energy storage application scenarios. It can realize the independent operation of each cluster and make full use of the battery capacity space, thereby increasing customer benefits. In addition, while the product has obtained UL certification, it has also passed the independent test of overseas customers in Spain, verifying its reliable quality.

In the future, Tecloman will continue to increase investment and strength in research and development, adhere to the driver of technological innovation, and strive to serve global energy storage users with better products and more complete system solutions.

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