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Firefly Pro Home Energy Storage Battery System

1. Superb home energy storage battery with distributed module stacking design for flexible configuration and scalability.

2. High-voltage home battery storage system with 1 BMS control box and 3-8 lithium iron phosphate battery modules.

3. Integration of a new daisy chain BMS for improved control and customer experience.

4. Compatibility with major manufacturers’ high-voltage household inverters.

5. Firefly Pro home energy storage system cost reduction through efficient use of PV energy and continuous power supply in grid failures.

  • Firefly Pro Home Energy Storage Battery System DataSheet
Model Firefly Pro-H3 Firefly Pro-H4 Firefly Pro-H5 Firefly Pro-H6 Firefly Pro-H7 Firefly Pro-H8
Battery module 2.5kWh/32kg/LiFePO4
3 4 5 6 7 8
Available capacity 7.5 kWh 10.0 kWh 12.5 kWh 15.0 kWh 17,5 kWh 20.0 kWh
Voltage 153.6 Vdc 204.8 Vdc 256 Vdc 307.2 Vdc 358.4 Vdc 409.6 Vdc
Battery voltage range 134.4-172.8 Vdc 179.2 - 230.4 Vdc 224 ~ 288 Vdc 268.8 ~ 345.6 Vdc 313.6 ~ 403.2 Vdc 358.4 ~ 460.8 Vdc
Maximum continuous charge/discharge current 50A
Dimension (W*D*H±2mm) 580*364*775mm 580*364*942mm 580*364*1110mm 580*364*1278mm 580*364*1446mm 580*364*1614mm
Weight (±0.2kg) 110kg 143kg 175kg 207kg 239kg 271kg
Communications CAN / RS485 / Wi-Fi / Ethernet
Operating temperature Charging: 0~50°C; Discharging: -20~50°C
Operating humidity 5~90% RH
Protection grade IP55
Cooling mode Natural heat dissipation
Certification & safety standards TUV (IEC62619xlEC62040)/RCM /CE/ UN38.3/ RoHS/ UL1973 (in processing)
Parallel operation Supporting up to 3 sets of parallel operation/60kWh
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