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Energy storage end voltage regulator

Energy storage end voltage regulator is a product that improves the weakness of the power grid structure and solves the problem of low voltage in the end station area. Compared with the traditional solution, it has four-image flexible operation capability, can reduce line power loss and voltage drop through in-situ active support to meet a variety of application scenarios, with the characteristics of small size, high efficiency, safety and reliability, etc.

Model TESS-1.5-3.6 TESS-3-3.6 TESS-3-7.2 TESS-5-7.2 TESS-5-10.8
Battery side Battery type Lithium iron phosphate
Rated battery voltage 48V
Maximum charge/discharge current 32A 65A 65A 100A 100A
Battery Capacity 3.6kWh 3.6kWh 7.2kWh 7.2kWh 10.8kWh
Grid side AC output power 1.5kW 3kW 3kW 5kW 5kW
AC output current 6.8A 13.6A 13.6A 22.7A 22.7A
Output mode L/N + PE
AC output voltage 220Vac
AC voltage range 176~264Vac
AC output frequency 45~55Hz/55~65Hz
Power factor -0.99 (lead) ~ 0.99 (lag)
THDI ≤5%
Maximum efficiency ≥92%
Others Forward and reverse switching time ≤ 100ms
Island protection Equipped
Cooling type Forced air cooling
Level of protection IP44
Overcurrent/overvoltage protection Equipped
Remote online upgrade Equipped
Surge protection Equipped
Cloud platform Support
Ambient temperature -5°C ~ + 55°C
Working altitude ≤3000 m (derating above 3000 m, 3000 m ~ 5000 m linear reduction to 30%)
Relative humidity ≤95% RH with no condensation
Noise <65dB
Installation method Holding bar/flooring/racking bar
Communication Interface RS485 / CAN
Dimensions (W x D x H) 693 × 752 × 356 mm 693×991×356 mm 693 × 1230 × 356 mm
Total weight ≈ 85 kg ≈ 87 kg ≈ 115 kg ≈ 118 kg ≈ 150 kg
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