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Firefly Residential Hybrid Inverter

This product is a new-type converter equipped with intelligent energy management system, which integrates charging controller, two-way power conversion system and PV inverter; together with Firefly home distributed battery system and PV module, it can build a comprehensive household solar energy storage system, thus effectively improving PV utilization rate, reducing electricity cost and improving electricity quality.

Model Hybrid-3k Hybrid-4.6k/5k
Alternating current (on-grid) Maximum output apparent power 3000VA 4600VA/5000VA
Rated output power 3000W 4600W/5000W
Maximum output current 15A 25A
Rated grid voltage (range) 230V (180~270V)
Rated grid frequency (range) 50/60Hz (45-55/55-65Hz)
Power factor Adjustable, -0.8 lead to 0.8 lag
Harmonic distortion rate of the total current <3%
AC mode L/N/PE
Alternating current (off-grid) EPS maximum output apparent power 3600VA/5000VA (without PV/with PV)
EPS rated output power (without PV) 3000W
EPS rated output current (without PV) 13A
EPS rated output voltage 230V
EPS rated output frequency 50/60HZ
Peak overload power 4500W, 30S
Harmonic distortion rate of the total voltage <5%
Switching time of on-grid and off-grid ≤10ms
Direct Current (PV and battery) Maximum PV input power 6600W 8000W
Max PV voltage 550V
PV MPPT voltage range 120-500V
Number of MPPTs 2
Maximum PV input current 10A 11A
Compatible battery type Lithium iron phosphate cell/lead-acid cell
Rated battery voltage (range) 48V(40~60V)
Maximum charge/discharge power 3600W/3600W
Maximum charge/discharge current 66A/66A
BMS communication mode CAN, RS485
Efficiency Maximum efficiency 97.90%
Battery charging / discharging efficiency 94.50%
Basic information Protection Direct current reverse protection, ground fault protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, etc.
Dimension (W*H*D±2mm) 451mmX469(551)mmX184 mm
Weight 20kg
Topography Without transformer, high frequency isolated (battery)
Cooling mode Natural heat dissipation
Operating ambient temperature/relative humidity -25~60°C/0~100%RH
Elevation <2000m
Noise <25dB
Display and communication interface LCD, LED, RS485, Wi-Fi, CAN
Protection grade IP65/NEM4X
On-grid standard EN50549-1, G98, G83, G59, AS4777.2:2015, VDE0126-1-1, VDE-AR-N4105, CEI 0-21, UTEC15-T12-l:2013-07
Safety regulation/EMC standard IEC62109-1/-2, IEC62040-1, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3
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