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Firefly OS Residential Battery System

  • Integrated Design: The battery system combines the battery, BMS, and EMS in a highly integrated manner, eliminating the need for external cable connections. This design ensures user safety and simplifies installation.
  • Slim Design: The system seamlessly integrates with the wall, maximizing space utilization and creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance that complements the style of residential appliances.
  • Intelligent Energy Management: The system incorporates an advanced management system that harmonizes the battery, grid, photovoltaic, and load, allowing for comprehensive control and visualization of energy usage within the household.
  • Flexible Expansion: The system supports parallel expansion with up to 6units, allowing for a maximum capacity of 90 kWh. It features a plug-and-play design with automatic assignment of machine ID.
System Model BH-OS-10 BH-OS-15
Battery Type Lithium iron phosphate
Rated capacity 10kWh 15 kWh
Usable Capacity*1 9.5kWh 14.25kWh
Depth of Discharge Up to 95%, adjustable Up to 95%, adjustable
Rated Voltage 204.8Vdc 307.2Vdc
Operating voltage range 179.2Vdc~230.4Vdc 268.8Vdc~345.6Vdc
Dimensions (Width * Depth * Height; ±5mm) 745*170*1100mm 745*170*1300mm
Weight (Approx.) 120kg 180kg
Max. Continuous Charging/Discharging Power 10kW 15kW
Max. Continuous Charging/Discharging Current 50A
Operating Temperature Range*2 -20°C to 50°C (discharge); 0°C to 50°C (charge)
Relative humidity 5% ~95%
Maximum working altitude 3000 m
Protection Grade IP55
Installation method Floor-mounted or wall-mounted
Communications CAN、RS485、WIFI、Ethernet
Warranty 10 years
Certification Standards IEC62619、CE、UN38.3、UL1973、UL9540A、FCC
Parallel Expansion Supports 2 to 6 units in parallel, allowing for a maximum capacity of 60 kWh & 90 kWh
  1. 1.Usable capacity is measured under specific conditions such as 25°C ± 2°C and 0.5C.
  2. 2.Battery performance may be affected by excessively high or low temperatures.
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