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IDC Power Supply

Power supply for data center is to decouple and control the current quality problems of various common electrical loads and the sporadic voltage quality problems of the power grid. When the power grid is normal, it operates as per the controlled current source mode to govern harmonic, reactive power and current imbalance problems of nonlinear load; When the power grid is abnormal, it quickly switches to the controlled voltage source mode to ensure uninterrupted power supply of the equipment.

Model Tl DC-500/0.4
AC input AC380V(-10%~+10%)
Rated capacity 500kVA
Wiring mode TN-S, three-phase five-wire
Operation frequency 50Hz±5Hz
Power factor >0.98
Harmonic distortion THDi<3%
Steady-state voltage error <1%(three-phase balanced load)
Output Frequency 50±0.5Hz
Phase voltage distortion THDv <I %(linear load);<5%(nonlinear load, load current peak ratio CF> 3)
Peak factor CF≥3:1
Three phase difference 120 ± 1 ° (balanced or unbalanced load)
100%Unbalance of Unbalanced Load Voltage <1%
No-load voltage stabilization accuracy ±2%
Overload capability 1.05~ 1.1 times the rated load, lmin to bypass; higher than 1.5 times the rated load, switch to bypass immediately.
Number of parallel machines Max. 5 parallel
Efficiency ≥ 98%(load rate ≤ 30%), ≥ 99%(load rate> 50%)
DC voltage range 230V-780V
Other parameters
Operating Temperature -5°C~+40°C
Storage and transportation temperature -25°C~+55°C
Relative humidity ≤90%RH, non-condensing
Highest Altitude 4000 m (over 2000 m, it will operate in derating)
Noise <65dB
Display mode LCD + Indicator
Communication Interface RS485/Modbus/Electrical Master Protocol
Protection Grade IP20
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