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SolGlow is a device that provides lighting services and DC power to residents in areas without electricity or with unstable power grids. It is easy to use, maintenance-free, portable, on-demand and widely available, and its capacity and mode of operation can be adjusted according to users’ needs.


Model SolGlow-Ml SolGlow -M2 SolGlow-M3
PV panel 50W, 18V 100W, 18V 150W, 18V
Battery Capacity 138 Wh 276 Wh 414 Wh
Battery voltage 9 ~14.6V
Battery type Lithium iron phosphate battery, 2000 cycles of capacity remaining > 80%
Controller 12V/15A with MPPT function, 32-bit microprocessor
Charger 2A 6A 6A
LED lamp 3W*2 3W*1 + 5W*1 5W*2
Lamp cable 8m line, adjustable optical
USB 2-way 5V 2A 2-way QC5.0, 24W at most
Fan 12V/12W floor-mounted 16-inch brushless DC fan, which is adjustable in three gears and can swing the head
Inverter None External 220V/50HZ/150W, corrected sine wave
Protection function Overcharge and overdischarge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, reverse current protection, reverse connection protection
Status display LCD screen, displaying battery power, remaining time, working status, fault information, etc.
Operating temperature Charge under 0°C - 55°C, and discharge under -20 °C - 60 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C - 55 °C
Humidity ≤80% RH
Altitude ≤3,000m
Level of protection IP34
Installation method Desktop or wall mounted
Certification & safety standards CE
The final interpretation right of the above information belongs to Tecloman Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. The manufacturer may adjust some technical indicators of the products, so please refer to the actual product or contract.
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