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Intelligent PV+Battery Energy Storage System

This system, designed for the multi-source power supply guarantee of information communication equipment in the long-distance transportation valve chamber such as natural gas & oil, is composed of light storage system cabinet, photovoltaic module, photovoltaic column and bracket, of which the light storage system cabinet includes lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery module, battery/system management unit, solar controller, lithium iron phosphate battery charger, power distribution appliances and other modules. The system cabinet is outdoor IP65 protection level.

  • Intelligent PV+Battery Energy Storage System DataSheet
Model Zdb-5.76kWh Zdb-11.52kWh Zdb-17.28kWh
Battery cell 3P8S / 5.76 kWh / 55 kg / LiFeP04 / aerosol fire protection
Battery module 1 2 3
Nominal capacity 5.76 kWh 11.52 kWh 17.28 kWh
Rated voltage 25.6 Vdc
Operating voltage range 22.4 Vdc~ 28.4 Vdc
BMS protection Short circuit, overcurrent, over-/under- voltage, serious high and low temperature etc.
System Current of MPPT charging the battery Maximum 60 A
Current of MPPT battery charger charging the battery Maximum 50 A
External load interface 24 Vdc (22.4 Vdc ~ 28.4 Vdc); Maximum public power 350 W & maximum optical storage 1440 W
Max PV input voltage 49.6 Vdc
PV module Monocrystalline silicon; 540 W*3; Parallel
Public power access voltage 110 V / 220 Vac
External communication CAN/RS485 / 4G
Pv post (H×T) 2000 mm×80 mm; Rectangular tube welding, powder painting
PV support bracket (W×D) 3200 mm × 1800 mm; Square tube welding, powder painting
System cabinet (W×D×H) 600 mm × 800 mm × 1600 mm; Metal plate powder painting
Operating temperature -10°C~55°C
Operating humidity 5-90%RH
Level of protection IP65
Cooling type Battery, MPPT natural heat dissipation Charger intelligent air cooling
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