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Innovations in Battery Energy Storage Systems: RE+ 2023 Showcase

RE+ Events is a platform for the solar industry in the United States. It is a great opportunity for global businesses to enter the North American market. The exhibition provides direct insights into the U.S. and global product development and market-specific needs. Tecloman, a leading global company in battery energy storage systems, will be the main attraction at RE+ 2023 in Las Vegas, NV, from September 11th to 14th.

Tecloman re+ 2023

RE+ 2023: Bridging the Clean Energy Divide

RE+ 2023 represents a pivotal moment in the clean energy sector’s evolution. This annual event, born from the legacy of Solar Power International (SPI), takes a holistic approach to clean energy, embracing solar, wind, energy storage, green hydrogen, electric vehicles, microgrids, and more. It reflects our industry’s dynamic response to the global imperative for sustainable energy solutions.

Developed in collaboration with the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), RE+ 2023 adapts best practices to the ever-changing clean energy landscape. Tecloman’s participation goes beyond a conventional exhibition; it signifies our commitment to bridging the clean energy divide. Our showcased products are catalysts for change, integral to powering a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Tecloman’s Exhibited Products and Corresponding Solutions

At RE+ 2023, Tecloman has showcased three key products that epitomize our commitment to driving clean energy innovation.

  1. Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Solution:

In the realm of industrial and commercial energy storage, Tecloman’s innovations shine as beacons of progress. Our showcased solution at RE+ 2023 demonstrated how Tecloman is shaping the future of energy storage for industries, enhancing productivity, and promoting sustainability.

Liquid Cooling System

Tecloman’s TRACK Outdoor Liquid-Cooled Battery Cabinet embodies the essence of modular design, ensuring exceptional energy density through an efficient liquid-cooled battery module and heat dissipation system. Unlike conventional container systems, This battery liquid cooling system offers superior flexibility, simplifying transportation and on-site installation. This comprehensive system comprises lithium iron phosphate battery modules, a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS), liquid-cooled air conditioning, fire-fighting capabilities, and more.

TRACK seamlessly integrates with Power Conversion Systems (PCS) and can be used in parallel, making it ideal for a diverse range of energy storage applications. Whether it’s harnessing new energy sources, optimizing peak-load management, providing emergency standby power, or enhancing dynamic capacity, TRACK delivers versatile and reliable performance.

TRACK Outdoor Liquid-Cooled Battery Cabinet
  • Home Energy Storage Solutions:

While our industrial and commercial energy storage solution embodies progress for large-scale applications, let’s shift our focus to home energy solutions that empower individuals and families. At RE+ 2023, we presented our home energy solutions that redefine residential power management and promote greener living.

Three-Phase Residential Hybrid Inverter

Tecloman’s Three-Phase Residential Hybrid Inverter stands as a beacon that balances power conversion and energy storage. Equipped with an array of protective functions, it ensures the utmost security for your energy needs.

This off-grid hybrid inverter offers unparalleled flexibility, supporting the integration of a diesel generator, full-power discharging, and automatic battery charging and discharging management. Its fanless design eliminates noise concerns, providing a peaceful and eco-friendly solution. With support for multiple operating modes, it delivers cost-effective performance and includes critical UPS protection even in grid outages.

Three-Phase Residential Hybrid Inverter

Firefly OS Residential Battery System

Tecloman’s Firefly OS Residential Battery System is a seamlessly integrated residential battery storage solution. It combines the battery, Battery Management System (BMS), and Energy Management System (EMS) for a hassle-free and safe installation process. With its sleek design, Firefly OS complements your home’s aesthetics while intelligently managing energy flow between the battery, grid, photovoltaic panels, and household loads.

This system also supports flexible expansion, with a plug-and-play setup for up to 6 units, reaching a maximum capacity of 90 kWh. Firefly OS empowers homeowners to control their energy consumption and defines the future of home energy management.

Firefly OS Residential Battery System

Beyond RE+ 2023: Presence in North America and Europe

As we reflect on our presence at RE+ 2023, it’s equally important to highlight our accomplishments beyond this event. Tecloman achieved a significant milestone in North America with the issuance of UL certificates by the internationally recognized testing and certification organization, SGS. These certificates validate the safety and reliability of our products, affirming their adherence to the highest international standards.

The collaboration between Tecloman and SGS, which began in August 2022, led to the rigorous testing and certification of Tecloman’s high-voltage home storage battery system, BMS, and Track liquid-cooled battery system.

Tecloman Energy Storage

Furthermore, Tecloman Energy Storage showcased its innovation at The Smarter Europe 2023, including the launch of the C&I PV+ Battery Energy Storage System and the Track Outdoor Liquid-cooled Battery Cabinet. Tecloman became a prominent exhibitor at the event, attracting international attention and securing over 10 projects.

With over 100 energy storage projects spanning continents, including Europe, Asia, and Africa, Tecloman has established a global presence and continues to secure significant projects, including 1GWh of large-scale energy storage projects in China.


Looking back at Tecloman’s presence at RE+ 2023, our continued innovation in clean energy solutions demonstrates our unwavering commitment to shaping a more sustainable and cleaner energy future. Our showcased products reflect our dedication to advancing the clean energy industry. As we expand our global presence and secure significant projects worldwide, we remain focused on delivering superior products and comprehensive system solutions to serve the evolving needs of the energy storage community.

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