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Unveil the Trending Insights of Energy Storage Solutions at the ees South America 2023

The ees South America has become a major annual event in Latin America for electrical storage solution technologies. This year, the ees South America 2023 was a 3-day event held at Expo Center Norte, São Paulo, from Tuesday, 29th August to Thursday, 31st August. Tecloman, the leading global provider of top-tier energy storage system solutions, also participated in the exhibition.

What is the ees South America Exhibition all about?

The exhibition shines a big spotlight on energy storage systems that support and add to energy frameworks filled with growing renewable energy sources. Furthermore, it reflects the emerging dominance of renewable energies in the continent. It involves exhibitors from fields like renewable energy, energy infrastructure, battery manufacturing, and mobility. 

The ees South America 2022 exhibition had over 70 exhibitors and 44,000 visitors. The visitors were an amalgam of project developers, investors, manufacturers, energy providers, and others from all over the world. So, the ees South America 2023 exhibition will again be a big event, highlighting energy storage solutions with an emphasis on renewable energy storage systems.

The Emerging Renewable Energy Market in South America

The South American renewable energy market is on an ever-growing trajectory. It is projected to register an 8% CAGR from 2022 to 2027. The increasing power demands and government policies promoting renewable energy sources contribute significantly to the market.

Although the South American renewable energy market comprises solar, hydro, wind, bioenergy, and other sources, solar energy plays a dominant role. From 2017 to 2021, the installed solar capacity in South America jumped from 3.67 GW to 19.65 GW. In fact, the solar photovoltaic market is projected to grow by 11% CAGR from 2023 to 2028. 

Of all the South American countries, Brazil dominates the installed solar capacity and solar photovoltaic market. After Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Peru are also leading in solar energy. All these countries support high irradiation, leading to a favourable environment for solar energy generation.

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Energy Storage Development Trend & Emerging Market Requirements

Alongside the significant upsurge in solar energy development in South America, there is also the growing need for adaptable and efficient energy storage solutions. More advanced solar PV and battery storage systems are in high demand to efficiently cater to the growing solar-based energy demands. Similarly, advanced power conversion systems, liquid-cooled battery cabinets, energy storage end voltage regulators, and similar solutions are being researched and developed aggressively. The energy storage solution requirement can be seen in the following aspects:

  • Grid Stabilization: Solar energy generation is intermittent and varies with weather conditions. Energy storage systems, such as batteries, are crucial for stabilizing the electrical grid by storing excess energy when it’s abundant and supplying it when solar production is low. This helps to reduce grid fluctuations and maintain a reliable power supply.
  • Peak Demand Management: Energy storage systems can be used to manage peak electricity demand effectively. During periods of high demand, stored solar energy can be dispatched to the grid, reducing the need to rely on more expensive and polluting peaker plants. This can lead to cost savings for both utilities and consumers.
  • Reliable Off-Grid Power: In remote or rural areas with limited access to the centralized grid, solar energy combined with energy storage provides a reliable source of electricity. Off-grid systems with batteries can power homes, businesses, and essential services, improving quality of life and economic development.
  • Energy Independence: Energy storage solutions offer energy independence to consumers. With the ability to store excess solar energy during the day, homeowners and businesses can reduce their reliance on conventional fossil fuels or grid electricity, which can be especially important in regions with volatile energy prices.
  • Renewable Integration: South American countries are increasingly incorporating a mix of renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, and hydropower. Energy storage enables seamless integration of these sources, ensuring a stable and balanced energy supply while minimizing curtailment of excess renewable energy.

Tecloman – The Leading Provider of Diversified Energy Storage Solutions in Latin America

Considering the growing renewable energy market and demand for advanced solutions, Tecloman is catering to all those demands with its wide range of energy storage solutions. With over three decades of presence, Tecloman provides targeted energy storage system solutions for various sectors in Latin America and across the globe. 

Tecloman energy storage solutions comprise a diverse product line for utility-scale, distribution network, micro-grid, C&I, residential, etc. Firefly Eco household storage system, Firefly residential hybrid inverter630kW power conversion system, and 1500VPC S-MV substation are a few of its top-notch residential and utility-scale energy storage systems to cater to actual demands in Latin America. 

Today, Tecloman is serving as a one-stop, leading provider of energy storage technology that has provided a series of energy storage solutions, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solutions for utility-scale and residential use, whose purposes range from distribution network and micro-grid system construction. Besides, Tecloman also provides energy storage solutions for commercial and industrial(C&I) and residential use.

Based on the rapid energy development in Latin America, Tecloman also has its insight. For instance, Chile’s transition toward renewable-based energy urges more advanced storage systems. In fact, the research shows that lithium-ion battery storage systems are in high demand due to the world’s greatest lithium reserves in South America. Considering that, Tecloman’s wide range of advanced battery storage systems is meant to fulfill residential and commercial energy storage needs proficiently. 

Overall, Tecloman stands out in delivering top-notch and advanced energy storage system products as a fully integrated supplier, handling R&D, manufacturing, sales, and post-sales services.


Looking at the exponential growth trajectory of South America in renewable energy, especially solar energy, ees South America 2023 exhibition is getting significant attention. It will be a powerful 3-day event for investors, industry leaders, experts, and policymakers to glimpse the emerging energy storage solutions and talk about the future of energy in South America. Tecloman will also actively exhibit its advanced energy storage solutions and showcase its commitment and ambition to provide more reliable products to facilitate market development. So, do visit the ees South America 2023 exhibition and glimpse the trends of energy storage solutions in South America.


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