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1500VPCS-MV Substation

  • Reasonable and efficient layout, improve space utilization
  • Integration of secondary circuit, unified measurement, protection and communication
  • “Change” “Boost” – body design, to achieve integrated product delivery
  •  Tri-level topology energy storage converter with 99.03% efficiency
  • Boost application type covers 35kV and below voltage level
  • Support 110% overload, 50C no derating, high system stability
Model TBVS-2750K-TH TBVS-3150K-TH TBVS-3450K-TH
DC Maximum DC voltage 1500V
DC voltage range 800~1500V  800~ 1500V 915~1500V  800~ 1500V 1000~1500V  800~ 1500V
Maximum DC current 3858A 3864A 3872A
Grid-connected output Rated Power 2750kW 3150kW 3450kW
Maximum capacity 3025kVA 3465kVA 3795kVA
Rated Voltage 550V 630V 690V
Voltage range -15%~ 10%(Range can be set)
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Maximum output current 3176A
Power factor -1(overrun) ~ 1(lag)
THDI <3%(rated power)
Off-grid output Rated Voltage 550V 630V 690V
Maximum output current 3176A
THDU <3%(linear load)
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Efficiency Maximum efficiency 99.03%
Transformer parameters Rated capacity 2750kVA 3150kVA 3450kVA
Voltage Ratio 0.55/(6~35)kV  0.55/(6~35)kV 0.63/(6~35)kV  0.55/(6~35)kV 0.69/(6~35)kV  0.55/(6~35)kV
Transformer Type Dry transformer/oil transformer
Basic parameters Protection Grade IP54
Operation ambient temperature -15 "C~50'C(>50C derating operation)
Relative humidity ≤90%RH, non-condensing
Cooling method Intelligent air cooling
Maximum working altitude 4000 m (over 2000 m, it will operate in derating)
Communication Interface RS485 /Ethernet
Communication protocol Modbus-RTU / Modbus-TCP/IEC61850/IEC104
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