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250 kW Power Conversion System

  • Built-in isolation transformer, directly with three-phase 100% unbalanced load;
  • Support multi-machine parallel connection to meet the needs of different power levels;
  • Frequency support; Voltage support; Inertia support;
  • Wide temperature operation: -25°C~55°C operating range;
  • Extreme environment: harsh environments such as humidity and salt spray;
  • Multi-control mode for free choice;
  • Integrate EMS for intelligent management
Model TPCS-250T
DC parameters Maximum operating voltage 1000V
Minimum operating voltage 520V
Full load voltage range 550V~850V
Maximum input current 513A
On-grid AC parameters Rated output power 250kW
Maximum output power 275kW
AC rated voltage 400V
AC rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated output current 360A
Maximum output current 396A
Maximum overload capacity 110% overload (long time) and 120% overload (1 min)
AC voltage range 85%UN~110%UN
AC frequency range 45-55Hz/55-65Hz (settable)
Harmonic distortion rate of maximum current <3%
DC component of current <0.5% rated output current
Power factor -0.99 lead to 0.99 lag
Controllable range of reactive power -100%~100%
Isolation method Power frequency transformer
AC mode 3W+N+PE
Off-grid AC parameters AC rated voltage 400V
AC rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Harmonic distortion rate of maximum voltage <3% (linear load)
DC component of voltage <0.5% UN (Linear balanced load)
Unbalanced load capacity 100%
Voltage change range <3% UN
On-grid & off-grid switching mode On-grid & off-grid switching capability Planned off-grid
Passive off-grid switching method and switching time Coupling switching cabinet, < 10ms
Efficiency Maximum efficiency 97.40%
Basic Parameters Dimensions (W×D×H) 1,216mm * 850mm * 2,054mm
Weight 1650kg
Permissible operating temperature range -25°C-55°C (derating above 45°C)
Cooling type Forced air cooling
Level of protection IP20
Relative humidity ≤95% RH with no condensation
Maximum altitude 4,000m (derating above 2,000m)
Self-consumption during shutdown <50W
Human-machine interface Touch screen
Communication interface RS485, Ethernet and CAN
Protocols supported Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU
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