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Mobile Emergency Power Supply Vehicle(Trailer Type)

Emergency energy storage electric vehicle is an energy storage power source that adopts 4-wheel traction rod trailer carrying mode, and its system is equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage unit, BMS battery management system, energy storage PCS, EMS energy management system and charging pile. Considering various application scenarios, the system supports on-grid & off-grid switching to meet requirements for emergency power supply, power preservation, and uninterrupted power supply, besides, it is equipped with DC charging piles to meet the emergency charging requirements of new energy vehicles. For fast recharge, the system can be recharged at a common DC pile; Besides, it support the national network system access.

  • Mobile Emergency Power Supply Vehicle(Trailer Type) DataSheet
Model TCSS-30-120 TCSS-60-120
AC side charging parameters
Rated power 30KW 60KW
Input type Three-phase five-wire system
Rated voltage 380Vac
Voltage range 380Vac ± 15%
Rated current 45A 91A
Frequency range 50/60 Hz ± 5 Hz
PF 0.99
THDI ≤5%
AC side discharging parameters
Rated voltage 380Vac
Voltage range 380Vac ± 15%
Voltage accuracy ≤1%
Output frequency 50∕60 Hz ± 5 Hz
THDU ≤3%
DC charging pile parameters
Rated output power 60kW
Voltage output range 150~750Vdc
Maximum output current 100A
Charging standards National Standards 2015
Platform access Support state network charging platform access
Parameters on battery side
Battery Capacity 120KWh 120KWh
Battery type Lithium iron phosphate Lithium iron phosphate
Rated voltage 537.6V
Voltage range 470.4-588 V
Essential characteristic
Carrying mode 4-wheel tractor rod trailer
GPS positioning Equipped
Recharge mode AC380 V recharge or DC charging post recharge
On-grid & off-grid switching ≤10 ms
Protection function Overvoltage/undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature/low temperature, islanding, too high/too low SOC, low insulation impedance, short circuit protection, etc.
Operating temperature -15°C to 50°C
Cooling type Air cooling + intelligent air conditioning
Relative humidity ≤95% RH with no condensation
Altitude ≤ 3000 m (derating above 2000 m, 3000 m ~ 5000 m linear reduction to 30%)
IP protection level IP44
Noise ≤65 dB
Contact information Ethernet, RS485 and 4G
Dimensions 3900 mm × 1500 mm × 1700 mm 3900 mm × 1500 mm × 1700 mm
Weight 2500Kg 2550Kg
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