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Power Cubox

The Power Cubox is a new Tecloman’s generation of mobile energy storage power supply that helps operators significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions while providing excellent performance, low noise, and low maintenance costs. Power Cubox uses high-density lithium-ion batteries and high-efficiency inverter systems to achieve outstanding energy storage and distribution goals.
Compared with traditional products, Power Cubox has a more compact structure, lower weight, and standard container size design for easy transportation. They are ideal for noise-sensitive environments such as construction site telecommunications at events or in large cities, or rental applications, or working with generators to solve low load problems.

Model TVSS-250-559 TVSS-250-602 TVSS-250-645 TVSS-500-1304 TVSS-500-1404 TVSS-500-1505
Rated capacity 559 kWh 602 kWh 645 kWh 1304 kWh 1404 kWh 1505 kWh
Battery cell LFP 3.2V 280Ah
Rated power 250kVA 630kVA
Output 3W+N+PE
Input voltage 340~440V
Allowable input frequency 50/60Hz土5Hz
Rated input current 361A 909A
Power factor 士0.99
Overload capacity 110% normal operation; 120% run for 1min
On/off-grid switching Possess
Rated output voltage 400V
Rated output frequency 50/60Hz
Output voltage deviation ≤2%
Output voltage unbalanced degree ≤1%
THD of output voltage ≤3%(Pure resistive load)
Cooling Air cooling + Intelligent air conditioning
Communication interface RS485/ CAN/ Ethernet
HMI Touch screen
Remote data monitoring Possess
Cloud platform access Possess
Operating temperature -15°C~50C( Capacity reduction above 45*C )
Operating humidity 95% Without condensing
Altitude ≤4000m,>2000m Derated
Weight ≤11000kg ≤20000kg
Dimensions(WxDxH) 2991 x 2438 x 2896 mm 6058 x 2438 x 2896 mm
Fire suppression system Perfluoro hexanone automatic fire extinguishing device, active protection, with temperature sensing, smoke sensing, carbon monoxide detector
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