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Mobile Emergency Power Supply Vehicle

Our mobile emergency power supply vehicle is a dynamic storage solution. By utilizing a truckchassis as a platform, we employ lithium iron phosphate batteries as storage units, furtherenhanced with a safe and reliable bms bess inverter and energy management system.

Model TCSS-250-500 TCSS-500-1000
DC side
Battery cell capacity 280Ah
Number of cycles 4000
Battery voltage range 500V~850Vdc
Max. input current 550A 1100A
Battery capacity 518.4kWh 1036.8kWh
Output side
Rated output power 250kW 500kW
Max. output power 275kW 550kW
Output type Three-phase four-wire system + ground wire (3W+N+PE)
Rated voltage 400Vac
Rated output current 361A 722A
Maximum output current 397A 794A
Isolation mode Transformer
On-grid operation
Allowable grid voltage range 400Vac (-20%~+15%)
Allowable grid frequency 50±5HZ/60±5HZ
THDI ≤3%
Power factor -0.99 (lag) ~ 0.99 (lead)
Off-grid operation
Rated voltage 400V
Voltage range 400VAC ± 10%
Rated output frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Unbalanced load capacity ≤100%
THDU ≤3% (pure resistive load)
Overload capacity 110% overload (long time) and 120% overload (1 min)
Other parameters
Design service life 10 years or 3,000 cycles (80%)
Cooling mode Air cooling + intelligent air conditioning
Relative humidity ≤95% RH, with no condensation
Protection grade IP54
Automatic on-grid/off-grid switching function Available
Off-grid switching time ≤10ms
Communication interface RS485/4G/Ethernet
Cloud platform terminal Support
Vehicle parameter
Compartment size Approx. 6,800*2,500*2,640 mm Approx. 9,400*2,500*2,585 mm
Complete machine size Approx. 9,100*2,500*3,910 mm Approx. 12,000*2,520*3,830 mm
Chassis manufacturer Dongfeng (China VI) Dongfeng (China VI)
Total weight 21870kg 31000kg
Max. seating capacity 3 persons 2 persons
Max. speed per hour 89 km/h
Hydraulic support system Available
Sound and thermal insulation layer Available
Cable and cable winding machine Electrically adjustable; accommodating 50m cables
GPS positioning system Available
Fire protection system Standard configuration
Ventilation and cooling system Standard configuration
Lighting system Standard configuration
Body appearance & color Process yellow (which can be specified by customers)
Environmental parameter
Operating environment temperature -15°C~50°C
Extreme operating temperature -20℃~55℃
Optimum operating temperature 20°C ~ 30°C
Altitude ≤3,000m (derating above 3,000m; linear derating to 30% for 3,000m ~ 5,000m)
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