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Firefly Eco Household Storage System

This product is a new type of household energy storage power supply device integrating energy storage battery and inverse control integrated machine. It has built-in high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries, advanced battery management system BMS and intelligent energy management system EMS, which can provide PV power generation, emergency backup power, peak and valley consumption and other functions for residents and can effectively save electricity costs.

  • Firefly ECO Residential Energy Storage System DataSheet
Model Firefly-E3-5 Firefly-E3-10 Firefly- E5-15 Firefly- E5-20
AC input power 3000VA 3000VA 5000VA 5000VA
AC output power 3000W 3000W 4600W 4600W
PV power 6000W
Max PV voltage 550Vdc
PV voltage range 120~500Vdc
Number of MPPTs 2
Maximum PV input current 10A 10A 12.5 / 12.5A 12.5 / 12.5A
Battery capacity 1 5.12kWh 10,24kWh 15.36kWh 20.48kWh
Rated voltage of battery 51.2Vdc
Battery charging / discharging efficiency >98%
AC output voltage 230Vac (180~270 Vac)
Line frequency 50/60Hz (45~55/55~65Hz)
Power factor Adjustable, -0.8 lead to 0.8 lag
EPS maximum capacity (without PV/with PV) 3600VA/4600VA
EPS rated output power (without PV) 3000W
EPS rated output current (without PV) 13A
Wiring method L/N/PE
Communication CAN /RS485/ Wi-Fi
Working environment temperature2 -10 - 45 °C
Operating humidity 5~90%RH
Level of protection IP20
Altitude < 2000m
Noise <25dB
Cooling type Natural heat dissipation
Dimension (W*D*H±2mm) 650 * 700 * 1,300 mm 650 * 700 * 1,300 mm 650 * 700 * 1,620 mm 650 * 700 * 1,620 mm
Weight (±0.2kg) 80kg 123kg 166kg 210kg
Certification & safety standards CE/UN38.3
  1. Test conditions: ambient temperature 25±5 °C \relative humidity 60±25%RH\ atmospheric pressure 86kPa - 106kPa, 90% DOD, 0.2C charge/discharge, charge/discharge mode of CC-CV/CC. The actual power available to the system is affected by such factors as ambient temperature, power module operating power and efficiency;
  2. Affected by the characteristics, the battery under 0 - 15 °C will be charged in derated capacity, and that under 0 °C cannot be charged.
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