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Pre-fabricated Battery Energy Storage System

The 20/40ft container battery system is an energy storage device that meets the power output needs of megawatts and integrates energy storage battery system, battery management system, DC cabinet, temperature control system and fire protection system, and can be used with power conversion system for a variety of energy storage application scenarios.

  • Pre-fabricated Battery Energy Storage System DataSheet
Model TBAT-1720-10 TBAT-2150-15 TBAT-3354-15 TBAT-3870-10 TBAT-5017-15 TBAT-6709-15
Cabinet specification 20ft 40tf
Voltage specification 1000V 1500V 1000V 1500V
Battery type lithium iron phosphate (Li-IP)
Grouping mode 1P240S 1P400S 1P416S 1P240S 1P400S 1P416S
Number of battery clusters 8 6 9 18 14 18
Nominal voltage 768V 1280V 1331.2V 768V 1280V 1331.2V
Voltage range 672~840V 1120~1400V 1164.8~1456V 672~840V 1120~1400V 1164.8~1456V
Nominal capacity 2240Ah 1680Ah 2520Ah 4480Ah 3920Ah 5040Ah
Nominal capacity 1.72MWh 2.15MWh 3.354MWh 3.87MWh 5.017MWh 6.709MWh
Charge/discharge ratio 0.5C
Charge/discharge current 1120A 840A 1260A 2240A 1960A 2520A
Charge temperature range 0-50°C
Discharge temperature range -20 ~ 50°C
Cooling mode Air cooling Air cooling Liquid cooling Air cooling Air cooling Liquid cooling
Relative humidity 95%RH, with no condensation
Operating altitude 4,000m (>4,500m derating)
Protection grade IP54
Anti-corrosion class C3
Fire protection design Heptafluoropropane/perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing medium
Equipment weight 19T 23T 28T 40T 52T 70T
Overall dimensions(WxDxH) mm 6058x2438x2591 6058x2438x3015 6058x2600x2896 12192x2438x2591 12192x2438x3015 12192x2600x2896
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